Chapter President’s Message

Steve Landry

A message from the NJ SIM president, Stephen Landry.

I am excited that SIM NJ is planning a return to in person meetings and events. Starting with our Summer BBQ on the evening of August 19, our first in-person meeting the evening of September 9, and the SIM NJ Foundation’s charity Golf Outing on October 1, we’re planning a rich assortment of in person events for the 2021-22 program year. I’m looking forward to seeing many of you in person again!

The past year has been extraordinarily difficult for SIM NJ and many of our members. While the pandemic demonstrated the value of IT to our organizations, and while many companies flourished as a result, it also devastated many of our businesses and families. The lockdowns and the resulting “Zoomification” of professional development dramatically increased the number of opportunities to learn new skills, but for many of us decreased the effectiveness of our professional networking.

Despite these challenges, SIM NJ has done well this past year. Our 85% renewal rate – significantly higher than expected and higher than most other SIM chapters – demonstrates the value you, our members, find in SIM NJ. Our renewal rate also shows the strength of SIM NJ’s volunteers. All of our programs and services are provided by volunteers, and their hard work and commitment has helped sustain SIM NJ during this difficult time in all our lives and careers.

A large part of the value of SIM NJ for me has been the durable friendships that I’ve developed with many of you. These resulted not from any event but from meeting you regularly, in person. But the pandemic has shown to us, as well, the potential of technology to extend what we do. We plan to continue to hold virtual events to provide additional ways to engage and learn with SIM NJ, including more roundtables, “lunch and learn” events, and meetings of special interest groups.

Please welcome our incoming president and EVP, Brian Mecca and Val Thomas, and our new board member, Candace Fleming. I thank all of you for the privilege of serving as president this past year. And finally, I ask all of you to consider volunteering. SIM NJ needs you to continue to deliver quality programs and events. A few hours of your time a month can make help enormously in sustaining SIM NJ. If you’re interested in volunteering, or want to learn more about SIM NJ, please email me at . I look forward to hearing from you!


Stephen Landry
President, NJ SIM
CIO, Seton Hall University