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STEM Career Awareness in Denville Friday 11/22/2019

By November 1, 2019May 18th, 2021No Comments

The Valleyview Middle School (Denville) 8th grade class broke their school record with their Paper Tower Challenge on Friday 11-22-2019! Last year’s class record measured 32.25” tall. This year’s 8th grade winning team’s paper tower measured in 5” taller at 37.25”!

As part of the NJ SIM Foundation’s STEM IT Career Awareness program where SIM NJ members visit middle schools to bring awareness to the amazing opportunities of an IT career, the students were grouped into teams of no more than 3 and challenged to build the tallest free-standing paper tower in 10 minutes with just a sheet of paper, 12” of masking tape, and a pair of scissors. SIM NJ members shared the journey of their IT career with the students in addition to asking students questions about examples of careers today and potentially in the future. We highlighted the many industries that currently leverage IT as well as debriefed about the skills that the teams used in their challenge.

Thank you to our volunteers Sandeep Reddy, Tom Koehler, Kevin Byron, and Yee Jao.

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