Chapter President’s Message

Looking Forward!

Dear Members,

The past few years have certainly been challenging for us all, both professionally and personally.  I truly hope that you and your loved ones have weathered the storm. While the horizon certainly isn’t cloudless, here at SIM NJ we are looking forward to a new program year and meetings that fulfill the organizations primary mission: connecting people to people.

Being a technology executive is a lonely journey for some and technologists can tend to be introverts (raising my hand). But as leaders and executives we can’t allow that to hold us back. Connecting with a peer who has faced the same challenges can really help you feel you have the support in driving forward with your goals. SIM NJ’s reason for being is to help you create and maintain a broad, trusted peer network that will strengthen you along your journey.

We do this by facilitating meetings that are interesting and accessible. We think we’ve put together a great schedule for this year, and I’d really like your feedback. Is there something missing? Maybe a different venue is needed. Something else? Please let me, or anyone on the Executive Committee know if we’re missing the mark. This is your organization, we are simply the caretakers.

Special Interest Groups! Sometimes the general meeting might be too general for your liking. This is where Special Interest Groups (SIGs) come in. Like many things, SIGs struggled over the past few years. We want to change that this year and make SIGs something the membership can rely on. There is a strong PMO SIG, and we’re looking to build others. Stay tuned for more information, or reach out if you like to get involved.

Volunteers are always needed. SIM NJ is run by volunteers who enjoy giving back. There are so many things we could be doing, but only so many hands to get it done (same story as everywhere else). The Executive Committee could use your help with many initiatives. Please contact us if you’d like to get involved.

Finally, I want to mention something new this year, Sponsored meetings. In the past we’ve charged upwards of $80/meeting and even then, we run at a loss. A Sponsored meeting would help reduce those member meeting fees. Other SIM chapters have reported great success with a Sponsorship program and, once fully up and running, have taken in surpluses that can be applied to charities and other member events. Please remember that SIM NJ will never give out your contact information without your express consent. It will be up to you if you want a meeting sponsor to contact you. If you know a company that might be interested in sponsoring a meeting, please ask them to contact me or Pasquale Cirullo, our EVP.

Please reach out if you have questions, need help with anything, or just want to chat. See you at our next meeting!

Best Regards,

Val Thomas
President, SIM – NJ