SIM NJ Membership

Welcome to the industry’s most prestigious association for IT executives.

Joining SIM connects you with nearly 3,000 of the world’s premier IT leaders. Our resources provide you with both practical and insightful business solutions, along with educational opportunities for professional development and growth.

Benefits of Joining SIM NJ:

For more than 20 years, the SIM New Jersey Chapter has been the organization of choice for IT executives in the New Jersey metropolitan area. Membership now includes over 300 CIOs, CTOs, CXOs, and IT leaders, as well as consultants and academics from top New Jersey and New York businesses and institutions.

The New Jersey Chapter is a member organization of the Society for Information Management (SIM), a prestigious professional association of executives, academics, and consultants in the information management field. Membership is limited to the top information executives in leading business or public sector firms and key academic contributors to the field.

New Jersey Chapter Key Benefits

Professional Resources:
  • Peer networking – Our Chapter is a senior IT leadership organization designed expressly for CIOs and other IT leaders.
  • Monthly Dinner Meetings
  • Eight meetings per year designed to foster networking opportunities across the SIM-NJ membership
  • Provide a forum for learning about current topics in the field of IT management.
  • Dinner speakers and/or panelists who are prominent experts and key leaders in academia and industry
  • Mentorship Program
  • Access to Membership Vendors.
  • On-line Discussions – Members-only eMail lists / discussion groups to share topics of common interest and open position opportunities.
  • Partnerships between academic and practitioner communities.
NJ SIM Foundation Events:

Golf and Technology Event – The NJ SIM Foundation organizes an annual charity golf event that contributes to New Jersey based charities who need information technology support and individuals who need financial assistance to continue their studies in the field of information technology.

Social Events:

Once a year the SIM NJ Chapter provides social opportunities for Chapter members and their significant others to come together and network in a less formal setting. These events are both extremely well attended and serve as a way to build a sense of community within the SIM NJ membership.

Access to SIM National and Regional Events and Programs:
  • Tri-State Metro Area CIO Conferences/Summits
  • Regional Leadership Forum (RLF)
  • Membership in SIM International
    • Access to SIM International publications including MISQE.
    • Best Practices and SIM sponsored practical research
    • Advanced Practices Council (APC)
    • The annual SIMposium conference.
    • On-line Membership Directory for networking opportunities spanning many industries.
    • Speakers Bureau

Advanced Practices Council

Elite forum of senior IT executives who direct customized, independent research on subjects chosen by its members. This intimate, trusted network of cross-industry senior executive peers stay far ahead of trends and practices, bringing transformational solutions to their firms.

Contact: Madeline Weiss,

The Enterprise Architecture Working Group

Dedicated to helping IT professionals and their organizations capitalize on the opportunities of EA. This group of 60 EA practitioners, academics, and thought leaders from more than 20 industry, government, and academic organizations collaborate to improve EA practices.

Contact: Bill Peterson,

The IT Procurement Working Group

Through shared best practices and strategies, this group helps their member companies (i) improve IT acquisition management; (ii) enhance competitiveness through informed procurement management; (iii) influence legislation affecting acquisitions; and (iv) foster collaboration between the various professions participating in the IT procurement process.

Contact: Randy Roth,

IT Trends Study

This high-profile study is conducted every year to help benchmark various areas within the IT industry such as major issues, technologies, sourcing, CIO roles, staffing, spending, and salaries. The results allow SIM to speak for our members with a unified voice.

Contact: Leon Kappelman,

The Members-In-Transition Program

This unique program was developed to assist SIM members by providing a forum to share leads, opportunities and advice. Benefits include a career portal, an online collaboration group, weekly conference calls, Helping Hands program, and more.

Contact: Fran Daly,

Regional Leadership Forum

An intensive, ten-month leadership development program focused on creating authentic leaders. Originally focused on IT leadership, RLF quickly expanded to include all disciplines and has graduated over 3500 leaders from over 300 sponsor companies.

Contact: Vincenzo Nelli,

SIM Women

Designed to promote communication, mentorship, leadership and career development amongst the female members of SIM.

Contact: Kristen Lamoreaux,


The premier annual conference for technology executives, practitioners and business leaders.

Contact: Debbie Jowers,

STEM Outreach

SIM Chapters provide many opportunities for their members to give back to their local communities. The Outreach program supports initiatives focused on contributing to the vitality and continuation of the Information Technology profession.

Contact: Deborah DeCorrevont,, Nanci Schimizzi,

Chapter Membership Categories and Requirements

To be a candidate for membership in SIM New Jersey you must qualify for one of the following membership categories:


(1) IT MANAGEMENT– Senior information technology executives in private or public sector organizations who are Corporate or Divisional heads of Information Technology organizations responsible for information systems and technology.

(2) OTHER IT EXECUTIVES WITH SIGNIFICANT RESPONSIBILITY – Other senior IT executives with significant responsibility may also be admitted for membership.

(3) BUSINESS EXECUTIVES– Senior business executives from public or private organizations whose primary responsibility is not information management, but who play a key role in the use of information technology in their own organization (i.e., CEOs, CFOs).

(4) OTHER LEADERS – Government officials and other community leaders who influence laws and policies that impact the information technology profession.

(5) REGIONAL LEADERSHIP FORUM (RLF) GRADUATES – Individuals who have recently graduated from a SIM National RLF program.


Full-time faculty members in colleges or universities who are engaged in teaching and/or research activities devoted primarily to information technology. (Note: this category is limited to 10% of category A)


Officers, partners, senior executives and leading experts who work at the senior executive level of the firms they service and whose primary responsibilities are not sales or marketing. (Note: SIM NJ limits the number of consultant and vendor members to 20% of Category A)

Dues Schedule

For your information, the dues schedule is as follows:

  • Regular Members: $450
  • Academic Members: $250
  • Enterprise Members: $430
  • Non-profit Members: $300

(Note: SIM NJ offers a pre-paid meeting option for $420, which includes all seven membership meetings during the calendar year.)

Membership Application Process

Complete the application below, you do not need to submit any payment with your application. If your membership is approved, you will be directed to the site to pay your dues.

Choose Application Type

Practioner / AcademicConsultant / Vendor

Membership Questions

If you have a question about membership in SIM NJ please address them to our Membership Committee at: