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What’s Your Stake in Giveback Anyway?

Would you say you’re already busy enough? I bet any one of us would answer “yes,” and then some.

We stretch our time to the maximum, trying to fit in time for the family or just a moment of quiet for ourselves, on top of our busy, often high pressure work day. We live rapidly and intensely, so who has time to even think about giving more time to volunteer in any capacity?

I certainly felt exactly this way when I joined SIM NJ in 2010. But, then something happened that turned my head squarely around. The first SIM meeting I attended, I watched as the full NJ SIM Foundation team gathered front-and-center at the start of our chapter meeting, to hand $30,000 to the Susan B. Komen Foundation. Wow, what a pause that gave me, having known friends and many family members who have had to both fight and succumb to this disease. What if, instead of watching on the sidelines, I could actually help people in just the same way?

Fast forward seven years and I have had the incredible privilege of working hand in hand with many of these same Foundation members and countless other SIM NJ volunteers. I have seen the power of giving to groups such as the Seeing Eye Dog; how NJ SIMFoundation was able to give a voice to autistic children through the Giving Hope Network, and how this team enabled long-term and terminal children who were bound to a hospital bed, feel the freedom of “running down the school halls” with their friends and participating in their classes through the V-Go Robot.

I am eager to link arms with our NJ SIM Foundation Board and work alongside the many SIM NJ members who selflessly raise their hand to continue our giving mission as we kick off the 2019-2020 season.

My simple ask is for you to also take a pause amidst the whirlwind of your day and consider how you too, might join us in some small way to make a larger than life impact.

What’s your stake in give-back? It’s the unexpected empowerment you will feel, and the unexpected gift of empowerment you will give – to someone you may never even know.

Thank you to the many that support our Give Back mission.

Jessica Carroll
Past President, NJ SIM Foundation

NJ SIM Foundation-Executive Committee

Executive Committee (EC) Members are elected annually as specified in the SIM New Jersey Foundation By-Laws. The EC of the NJ SIM Chapter and the President of the Foundation serve as the Board of Directors for the Foundation.

Foundation EC Members may create and chair sub-committees of members of the NJ SIMChapter to assist the Foundation EC Member in executing their role. Sub-Committee members are not elected positions, are voluntary, and may be formed or disbanded at any time. However, they must be members of the NJ SIM Chapter.

The EC sponsors Sub-Committees to further the interest of the NJ SIM Chapter, and to provide an opportunity for members to become involved in and contribute to the Foundation’s business and activities. Members may volunteer for Sub-Committees by contacting the appropriate Foundation EC Member.

Rick Carney

President of the NJSIM Foundation <Foundationrick@rickcarney.com>

Judy Balaban

Executive VP of the NJSIM Foundation

Al Omari

Treasurer of the NJSIM Foundation <aaomari@msn.com>

Corrado Del Rosso

Secretary of the NJSIM Foundation <cdelrosso@gmail.com>

Jessica Carroll

Past President of the NJSIM Foundation