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President's message - 2021

To describe the past few months at the NJ SIM Foundation as “challenging” would be an understatement. At the Foundation, 2020 began full of optimism about the continued growth of programs, events, and grants. We had hoped to review scholarship applications and began preparing for the spring golf event, grant awards and the celebrations. We planned on expanding educational STEM opportunities for students. But then our world was dramatically changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. We were forced to postpone and ultimately cancel the 2020 golf outing and take a long look at what we could do in 2021 for all our events and programs.

Simply stated, we had an uphill battle raising funds and providing grants to individuals and organizations before the pandemic, and now we have more of a climb. COVID-19 has put the need on full display, and the disproportionate impact of the crisis on the most vulnerable and marginalized communities has been devastating.

Here we are in a new year. Forget about making sense of 2020. At the NJ SIM Foundation, we enter 2021 as a chance for a reset. For the NJ SIM Foundation, we’re creating a sense of purpose for 2021—an overarching “why” and “what” for the Foundation and those we serve. How the Foundation works with its partners, schools, students, and sponsors and how it works with the SIM NJ Members. Drastic times require new thinking.

Quite simply, the Foundation’s success is measured in what others achieve – recipient organizations, students, partners and sponsors. We look forward to working with our partners and sponsors to advance the vision of a caring, safe, and thriving community through the pandemic crisis and beyond. The more empathetic and generous we are, the more we broaden our view and reach. Let’s agree to use our position, resources, and influence.

Be well. Be safe.

Judy Balaban
President, NJ SIM Foundation

NJ SIM Foundation-Executive Committee

Executive Committee (EC) Members are elected annually as specified in the SIM New Jersey Foundation By-Laws. The EC of the NJ SIM Chapter and the President of the Foundation serve as the Board of Directors for the Foundation.

Foundation EC Members may create and chair sub-committees of members of the NJ SIMChapter to assist the Foundation EC Member in executing their role. Sub-Committee members are not elected positions, are voluntary, and may be formed or disbanded at any time. However, they must be members of the NJ SIM Chapter.

The EC sponsors Sub-Committees to further the interest of the NJ SIM Chapter, and to provide an opportunity for members to become involved in and contribute to the Foundation’s business and activities. Members may volunteer for Sub-Committees by contacting the appropriate Foundation EC Member.

Judy Balaban

President of the NJSIM Foundation

Corrado Del Rosso

Secretary of the NJSIM Foundation <cdelrosso@gmail.com>

Jepthaw Scipio, Jr.

Treasurer of the NJSIM Foundation

Jessica Carroll

Past President of the NJSIM Foundation