NJ SIM Foundation

Educator and STEM Mini Grant

STEM Mini Grant Awards

The NJ SIM Foundation offers teachers and educators the opportunity to submit a mini grant request totaling a maximum amount of $1000 towards projects that inspire Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) learning.

NJ SIM Foundation Mini Grant Program:

A maximum of 4 grants will be issued each calendar year to middle school (6th through 8th) teachers. It is expected that these mini grants will provide classroom instructional resources, materials, and/or software which would be used to highlight STEM careers, employment opportunities or support an innovative IT classroom project highlighting technology. Special attention will be given to Title 1 requests where there is clear financial need and where, without the mini grant, the student’s exposure to STEM would be limited. Although mini grant requests can be submitted by teachers, a mini grant will be awarded to the submitter’s school and directed to the submitting teacher. The assets obtained or project results will remain school property. Mini grant requestors will need to obtain appropriate school approvals to insure any sustainability issues are discussed. Only one mini grant per teacher will be awarded. Teachers can reapply and receive grants for consecutive years.

This STEM mini grant opportunity is available to public, private, non-profit charter middle schools, grades 6th through 8th, in the State of New Jersey. Funds will be used for teaching equipment, licenses, and other tangible project related expenses. Funds may NOTbe requested for salaries, scholarships, admission fees, school supplies, conferences, meals, indirect expenses, travel, or technology not integrated into STEM instruction.

If an award is granted, it is expected that four months after awarded, the teacher will provide a summary to the NJ SIM Foundation of how the funds were used, results of the funds usage and share a few photos of results.

Click here to access the application for a STEM Mini Grant .

Any questions regarding this application can be sent to:

Judy Balaban, Foundation President, at j.balaban@att.net